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Project: Veggie Ranger

UPDATE!  As of July 28, I am driving on waste vegetable oil!  I have about 200 miles on the system and counting!  Click here for pictures of the conversion.  I am working on a detailed description of how it was done that will be posted soon!

After learning that running a diesel engine on vegetable oil is definitely viable, I purchased a project vehicle to begin my foray into the world of alternative fuels.

My project is a 1986 Ford Ranger Long Bed pickup with a rare 2.3 litre 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine.

I purchased the truck from an antique dealer in Powder Springs, Georgia.

The truck was originally from Missouri and spent its life in a Limestone Mine as the foreman's truck.  It was driven a mile or two from the office above ground to the office below ground.  Back and forth.  All day long.  For twenty years!  Needless to say, these were hard miles in a mine shaft but turned out to be only 52,000 of them.

I've spent a good bit of time getting it into shape before beginning the grease conversion.  Most of the work has centered around removing years of limestone dust that has hardened on the undercarriage and permeates the interior as well.

I performed a major service on the engine and cooling system to prepare it for conversion.  An oil change and coolant flush were the last of the maintenance items before starting the installation.

Click here for the latest status of Project Veggie Ranger!



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