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Performing the "Crackle Test"
to check for water in a
new oil source

Book Review: Greg Pahl's
Biodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy

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A Quick History Lesson

Welcome to SouthernGrease.com.  The best learning site in the South for alternative fuels!  I am researching the use of plant-based oils as an alternative fuel for burning in DIESEL engines. 

This site is here to share what I've learned.  My hope is that you will learn how to use this technology to save money and to help improve our environment. 

Visit our classroom to get a detailed explanation of the technology.  If you want a quick history lesson on vegetable oil as fuel, click here.

 What's Next After Veggie Ranger?

See what I have on the agenda for my next conversions to help me reach my goal of "Veggie Fuel Everywhere!"


Welcome to Greasology!

Are you ready to learn about using Vegetable oil as a fuel?

If So, Click Dr. Rudolf below!

Come meet Dr. Rudolf in the Classroom!

Project: Veggie Ranger

You can learn more about my project vehicle by clicking here or on the "Ranger Diesel" graphic above.  You can follow future progress of PROJECT VEGGIE RANGER by subscribing to the syndicated story.  I'll be sending periodic updates as the project unfolds!

 New Cold Weather Dewatering/Filtration System!

Learn how to set up a dewatering/filtering station that fits easily into the corner of your garage!




Project - Helga 220D!

Click the link above if you would like more information on Helga, the 1970 Mercedes 220D that was converted to veggie fuel!

A new book on Oil Addiction
from Edwin Black

Learn about Biodiesel!

Click the link above if you would like more information on Biodiesel, another form of vegetable-based fuel.  Join one of the active Bio Fuel Forums listed below and meet some of your Veggie neighbors!

Atlanta Bio Fuel Forum - Atlanta, GA USA Neighbors.
InfoPop Bio Fuels Forum - World Wide Neighborhood.
Greasecar Forum - Greasecar.com enthusiasts and user group.
Frybrid Forum - Frybrid.com enthusiasts and user group.
See some pics of the May Bio-B-Q gathering of the Atlanta Bio-Fuel folks!

Read more about biodiesel in these great books:


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